A light Strategy game inspired from far to many hours play stellaris, trying to capture a much smaller and faster but similar gameplay loop, your feedback would be much appreciated.

StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes


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Nice work! Simple to understand and play, but it feels like managing a space empire. Cool music too.

On the first level I didn't notice there were more worlds off the top of my screen until the AI came to conquer me. Later I found that flying to as many worlds as possible as soon as possible is the way to win - and the AI could never catch up after that. So, really, the tutorial level was the hardest!

The game window is a little too tall for my screen - my tiny laptop is only 738px high, so I had to constantly scroll up to see the resources I had and then down to spend them.

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There is a full screen mode that will fix your last issue. The icon to click is in the bottom right corner of the game window

Oh, so there is! I didn't see it at first, it was hidden underneath Itch's (default, inferior :P) fullscreen button.

Thank you for the feed back! Im glad you liked it, ill give the AI some tweeks to keep it challenging!